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At Wonderware, we believe in the unlimited potential of technology to empower people and transform businesses. In this series of webinars, Wonderware shares its experience in driving industrial digital transformation.  

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Talk to an Expert on how you can leverage technology for the future! 

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How the connected worker operates at the edge

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To be able to look at a production plant and its KPI's, there are many factors needed from an enterprise perspective. You need to get your data into context. Because of context you need to collect and analyze data from many different sources and systems. Because of context, you need for instance an MES system, or an energy management system. This context is what allows for the connected worker. We will look at how the connected worker can operate the business using the AVEVA portfolio.  

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Wonderware & AVEVA Training Webinar Series

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How we connect the worker

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AVEVA’s software solutions make assets and operations safer, more effective, and more sustainable. Eric van Nispen will guide you through the entire Aveva portfolio in only 30 min to explain why AVEVA strategy for the future enterprise is so much more than Wonderware.  


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How the connected worker manages your plant assets

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How is the connected worker able to prioritize, plan, schedule and execute safe and compliant work? The connected worker has the ability to close the divide between assets and operations, and is able to cut maintenance costs. Because we can digitize the work processes, we can enable the connected worker to work smarter and have more context when making critical decisions. We will look at how Aveva's integrated APM solutions allows the connected worker to keep on improving his usefulness. 

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How the connected worker manages data

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There is one thing all connected workers have in common. Data! Data is the fundamental foundation in order to get any value out of improvement concepts. So how does the connected worker manage to make information out of all the real time data from different systems and put it into context that can be analyzed, bring insights and help to improve performance? It is when the data gets into context that the connected worker can help to improve the operations. 

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How the connected worker improves on plant performance 

9 December 2020

The connected worker is able to tweak performance so well because they have transparency of their processes. The ongoing digital transformation of manufacturing operations helps to improve productivity and effectiveness through easier access to information, higher levels of automation and starts changing the way work is done in the manufacturing plant. We will look at what systems the connected workers leverage to produce informed decisions.  

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